1000 unique Sol Boys

running on the Solana blockchain.


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Public Mint - February 19th!


What are Sol Boys?

The Sol Boys are a collection of 1000 unique NFTs causing trouble on the Solana blockchain. ​

The Solana Network is currently the fastest blockchain for trading and selling NFTs. When buying a Sol Boy on the Solana blockchain, you will experience virtually no gas fees and lightning-fast transactions. Solana is the future of the metaverse, and owning an NFT will give you a head start to the new world of cryptocurrency.

In total, there are only 1000 Sol Boys compared to other projects that have upwards of 10,000 NFTs; this makes Sol Boys considerably rarer. We also have a price of only 0.25 SOL compared to other projects that are starting at 1 SOL. We also plan to put 10% of profits into a community treasury and let the community decide how to spend it.

0.25 SOL

Minting price will be 0.25 SOL


1,000 Unique Sol Boys




  • Finish all artwork

  • Social media promotion 

  • Create automatically generated NFT artwork

  • Secondary market submissions


  • At launch, 1000 Sol Boys will be available to mint for 0.25 SOL.

  • Mint will last one week and if not all Sol Boys are minted

  • the remaining will be burned.



  • SolBoys will be available on secondary markets like Magic Edan.

  • 25% of all sales will go to a community treasury

  • The community can then vote on how they would like to spend the treasury, and with that the SolBoys DAO will be created.

  • We will invest 50% of money made on the secondary market into the DAO

  • This could involve things, such as market burns, airdrops, or DAO investments.

  • We will use the rest of the money made from mint to fund future SolBoys inspired products, this will include SolBoys merch!



Sol Boys artwork


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sol Boys?

Sol Boys is a digital NFT collection consisting of 1000 unique illustrations that are ran and managed using the Solana blockchain

What is the mint price of a Sol Boy?

Sol Boys will be minted at 0.25 SOL

When will Sol Boys launch?

We currently don't have an official date set, but we are hoping to launch sometime in January.

How do I purchace a Sol Boy?

On launch day, visit our website and click the mint button. This will take you to our Sol Boys minting page. Connect your Solana Wallet of choice. Once connected, click the mint button and confirm with your wallet.

Will there be a pre-sale?

No, we believe in a fair and equal launch where everyone has the same odds.

Will royalties be collected on the secondary market?

To create a thriving and long-term community, we need long-term funding. The best way to accomplish this is to collect a royalty on future sold NFTs. This will either be 5 or 7 percent.